Work Together



Become an Accredited Holistic Coach

This is for the coach that is feeling misaligned and the coach that wants to expand their approach and connect more with their intuition.

This is a 14 week course where you learn different Holistic Modalities to help you serve your clients more powerfully.


The container for coaches, counselors, and space holders.

This is an intimate container for the coach, counselor or space holder that is looking to have a safe space where they are being held, nourished and supported.

As a coach, counselor,  or space holder you already hold that space for others, but who's doing that for you?

This is a space where you can let go, transform, and be.

"The biggest obstacle I was able to overcome during this program was learning that it's ok to take time for myself. The support you'll get from Dayana and from the other group members is priceless. It's easy to say you'll deal with everything you're facing on your own, but there may be things going on within you & effecting you that you don't even realize!"
Danika Hewitt