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Harriet Rose

As a recovering people pleaser as well as a masculine energy entrepreneur I would regularly find myself in situations of overwhelm & decision paralysis. I wouldn’t give myself time off and a work/life balance was just something I saw in the movies.
Dayana was able to effectively break down my need to work until exhaustion by adding in self-love, self-validation and constructive business strategy’s.
The coaching she’s provided over the last 3 months has been such a positive influence to the change I’ve gone through. It’s been a catalyst for more than just a business mindset change.
My whole life has changed.
I am more self-orientated, I look after my own needs, I don’t work myself into the ground and I rarely require validation from others. But most importantly, Dayana has enabled me to think so much more clearly about the reasons why I do something and why I want something that I now approach business & my future goals with such a positive, structured attitude.

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