Bringing Balance into Coaching!

I help misaligned coaches add spiritual therapies to their business so they can serve more powerfully


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dayana carmona

dayana carmona

Emmi Von Zweygbergk

Astro Fulfillment Coach


Danika Hewitt

Health Coach

The biggest obstacle I was able to overcome during this program was learning that it’s ok to take time for myself. The support you’ll get from Dayana and from the other group members is priceless. It’s easy to say you’ll deal with everything you’re facing on your own, but there may be things going on within you & effecting you that you don’t even realize!


This program allowed me to grow me in ways I didn't think was possible. I am more confident and have a deep belief in myself and my abilities to handle and overcome anything life throws my way. I don't have enough words to describe the gift Dayana's given me. It's changed me and my life.


Before the programme I was stuck and didn't know how to go forward, but the programme and people inspired me to find my way and take action towards my dreams and vision.  It supported me to trust myself and my journey.

Barbara Sanchez

Holistic Health Coach

Balancing your services holistically will allow you to serve your clients more powerfully.
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It's not your fault...

The coaching business is out of balance

  • You always hear that you should focus mainly on mindset and strategy, but the reality is there’s more that makes up a person. Mindset and strategy is just the beginning.


  • Spirituality is rarely or not talked about as a tool to truly allow your clients transform and heal. 


  • You are confused because you are being dragged to “do this”, “don’t do that”, “this works”, “listen to me, not them”, instead of listening to you. 

I have been there, and I have learned that the more tools I have to help my clients; the more personalized my approach is, the better their experience is, the more well-rounded their transformation is because they experience various layers of healing.

I felt misaligned and even drained at times because I felt like something was missing and like I wasn't serving in the best way possible, I was following what others were telling me to do until one day I realized that I had all this knowledge, experience and different modalities that 1. helped me personally and that 2. I could utilize with my clients. That's when I decided to Bring Balance into Coaching, to start leading this space and my services holistically, with more care and to be of service just as I had intended to in the beginning.

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