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I help misaligned coaches add spiritual therapies to their business so they can serve more powerfully

Bringing Balance into Coaching!


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Before you dive in and lurk around here let me quickly introduce myself to you.

I'm dayana

And I've been where you are; emotionally and mentally overwhelmed, unfulfilled, out of alignment, with the perception that I have little to no time in my hands, and lacking connection with myself.


I had no balance in my life whatsoever and that affected every single area of my life to the point of burnout and exhaustion, being completed blinded and overstimulated with the noises of the crowd telling me to do "this" and "that". Forgetting about what I truly wanted by creating and living a life that was deemed successful to others, rather than my own definition of success.

I get it! It's easy to go down the spiral hole in the world of entrepreneurship. But the truth is, no matter what is said to you, what you implement and how you go about business, ultimately it needs to wholeheartedly be in alignment with who you are. 

What if I gave you permission to lead and serve from a place of alignment? Let go of what is no longer serving you? And prioritize your time so you can devote it to everything that you love, including yourself.


Tell me, what does your life look like with more balance in it?


Danika Hewitt

Facebook Ads Strategist

The biggest obstacle I was able to overcome during this program was learning that it’s ok to take time for myself. The support you’ll get from Dayana and from the other group members is priceless. It’s easy to say you’ll deal with everything you’re facing on your own, but there may be things going on within you & effecting you that you don’t even realize!


This program allowed me to grow me in ways I didn't think was possible. I am more confident and have a deep belief in myself and my abilities to handle and overcome anything life throws my way. I don't have enough words to describe the gift Dayana's given me. It's changed me and my life.


Before the programme I was stuck and didn't know how to go forward, but the programme and people inspired me to find my way and take action towards my dreams and vision.  It supported me to trust myself and my journey.

Barbara Sanchez

Holistic Health Coach

Emmi Von Zweygbergk

Astro Fulfillment Coach

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There is nothing better than having the support, guidance and mentorship to get you where you want to be. Get clear about who you are by connecting within, taking a step back and being in alignment in every area of your life to live a fulfilling and happier life.

Being intentional about your relationships, including your business. Being in flow and following your norm, your own definition of success because of how connected you are with yourself. Let me ask you...

Are you a millennial entrepreneur that feels like something is missing, not clicking, and perhaps hiding more and more behind your work?; not feeling fully aligned and fulfilled?

If so, then holistic lifestyle coaching is for you so you can live in the now, be in flow and in alignment, and be balanced in your life. 

I help overwhelmed millennial entrepreneurs create balance and step into alignment.

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